Winchester House, October 2nd 2015

Corporate Event Band South West London.

Adam and his classic swing band smooth ruffled feathers at a shareholders' dinner in the stunning heart of London.

A blank canvas never looked so good. As October kicked the door firmly shut behind it, throwing the dark palette of winter over the city, the Board and Shareholders of Advanta Futures, a dynamic young investment firm with offices in the heart of the capital, gathered in a room where the sombre hues of the world outside had been picked up, brought in from the cold, and transformed into stylish sophistication. Cobalt table clothes blended almost seamlessly with ink-blot napkins, a ring of bright water glinting from their crystal holders, subdued lighting gleaming from the sharply smooth edges of Waterford glassware, while the waiting staff, invisible until the very moment they were needed, had chosen a livery in shades of grey.

Shareholders' meetings can, as you might expect, be somewhat dry affairs, and places where tempers might flare. Here, however, the soothing calm of the river seemed to flow through the soft, strong strains of the swing tunes that Adam and his band skillfully wove through the tapestry of competing personalities, interests, and agendas, a subtle musical backdrop that rounded out the sharp edges, brought the placid beauty of the river, flowing serenely by outside the window, at the edge of the gardens, fully into the room, and wrapped the whole setting in cooling grace.

Winchester House is a place, where a definite sense of history blends with a sharp future focus, a place where deals are made, dreams come true, and illusion and reality come too close to separate.

Hannah, Head of Ethical Investments for Advanta Futures: "Thank you to Adam, and his very talented colleagues. Having a little bit of background music was the perfect antidote to the understandable stress of the occasion, and everyone involved would be more than happy to use your band for future events."

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Winchester House
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