Garden Barn Christmas Party, 22nd December 2017

Christmas Party band in Cambridgeshire!

Stamp Hemmingway Associates celebrate a Cambridgeshire Christmas in style at The Garden Barn, Haverhill.

There's something magical about a simple, timber-framed country barn in the middle of winter. Even without snow, the stripped-back barrenness of the landscape seems loaded with potential, something vital patiently waiting to spring into life.

That springing and life came a little early to The Garden Barn, in the grounds of Little Bradley Hall, in Haverhill, when We Light It Up took centre stage with their fantastic light show and musical extravaganza, specially ordered by Tony, MD of newly established publishing venture Stamp Hemmingway Associates. Specialists in crime-fiction 'grit lit', the company wanted to break away from the darkness and gloom of their working week, and We Light It Up's LED drum kit and big, bright, bold sounds proved just the change these hardworking guys and girls needed.

We Light It Up is a disco band with a difference, bringing cool class, rather than outdated cheese, to any party, wedding, or venue, with songs and style that people can't help but dance to – we had to smile when we saw Tony himself being twirled around by Evie, his dynamic Business Development Manager, who was straight into the swing of things, and would have been tripping the light fantastic all night long, if the venue had been booked beyond midnight!

Kerri, Staff Member, Stamp Hemmingway Associates "This was the first works' Christmas party I've attended, and I have to say, it's set the bar pretty high!"

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The Garden Barn Haverhill
Christmas Party in Haverhill Cambridgeshire

The Garden Barn
Little Bradley Hall, Haverhill, Cambridgeshire, CB9 7JG