Pendley Manor, Hertfordshire Wedding January 26th 2018

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A beautiful country hotel, and the cool, contemporary medleys of Musical Orphans – what better way to celebrate a special day?

In the heart of Hertfordshire, Pendley Manor gives a stunning backdrop to any event, and, as Kim Hayles stepped down the broad wooden staircase, glamourous in a red, vintage gown, Musical Orphans struck up a smooth, upbeat medley to bring her down to her groom, Raef who was waiting, along with their guests.

Blending classical wedding sounds with modern beats, Musical Orphans set the tone for a lively, rousing send off as Kim and Raef joined family, friends, and colleagues for a romantic wedding reception with plenty of buzz.

Following a small ceremony, Raef and Kim wanted to celebrate in style, and Musical Orphans made sure no one was left out as they led their guests through an evening of dining and dancing as they raised a glass to their future, and kicked their heels to the sounds of swing, blues, a little bit of jazz, and some pop culture hits that everyone recognised.

Pendley Manor is one of Hertfordshire's classic great houses, and Musical Orphans are the band that will make it feel like home, whatever you're celebrating.

Raef: "I'd just like to say thanks to Adam, and the Musical Orphans band, for a great day when I celebrated my wedding to Kim at Pendley Manor. The music was spot on, and everyone had a great time – I'd definitely recommend Musical Orphans to anyone looking for quality wedding entertainment."

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Pendley Manor Hotel

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