Nutfield Priory Hotel & Spa Wedding, 2nd January 2016

Wedding Band Surrey WLIU

We Light It Up certainly chased away the winter blues at Nutfield Priory, giving a newly-married couple a bright start to the new year.

Ruth and Mica knew they wanted a venue that would look stunning in photos, and which would give them the touch of luxury they both wanted to have more of in their lives, with entertainment that would create a pleasant contrast to the Britsh winter weather, and encourage their guests to get up on the dance floor with them.

We Light It Up were only too pleased to rise to the challenge, creating a soft yet striking light show in shades of blue, with stark white accents, an echo of the colour theme Mica and Ruth had chosen for their big day.

Starting with some contemporary soul, chosen by Mica, we moved through a disco medley that shifted tempo in a smooth, fluid pattern that gave the evening a natural flow, and matched the elegance of the venue, whilst still reflecting the youthful energy of the young couple who were celebrating today. Towards the end of the night, we slowed everything right down, playing classic songs that will always bring out the best in couples, with a roving spotlight that made the day as much about Ruth and Mica's friends as it was about them, something Ruth had made clear was very important to both of them.

The Last Dance was Evanescence's My Immortal, a special request from Mica and Ruth, as it was the song that had been playing when they'd first danced together, on New Year's Eve two years before.

Mica & Ruth: "Neither of us had particularly good families growing up, so our friends are really important to us, and we wanted a wedding that made them feel special, too. We created that ourselves for the ceremony, and We Light It Up definitely carried that feeling of respect and appreciation for those who'd always been there for us through into the evening celebration. We couldn't have asked for a better day, and would happily recommend We Light It Up to other couples. Thanks, guys – you gave us everything we wanted, and more!"

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