Tattersalls Wedding, Newmarket, September 2nd 2017

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Getting into the swing of things with a thoroughly modern couple, Adam Chandler's Modern Swing band go to the home of British horsiness.

Craig and Gina met at the races, although theirs was not the most auspicious start! “I was there for work, as a bookie, and Craig was one very unhappy punter!” Gina laughs, her eyes sparkling as she looks around at the intimate gathering of friends and family who have gathered at the home of British horse racing to help give her and Craig a wedding to remember. In the background, soft enough to ensure that the speeches take centre stage, but just strong enough to be heard, and to keep the thread running smoothly through the event, Adam takes his Modern Swing Band through a series of short, spirited numbers, a perfect backdrop to the laughter that's rolling from the gathered guests.

Gina and Craig cut a striking figure, individually and as a couple, both preferring a fashion style that gives a modern twist on vintage classics. Adam's Modern Swing Band fits their style perfectly, and works well in this illustrious venue, which also blends the contemporary and the traditional in a subtle, perfect style that's completely unique.

While this was very much an inner-circle-only affair, that doesn't mean it was a sombre one. This reception started with bold, brassy notes, a lively dash through our full repertoire that got everyone warmed up and in the mood, which gave way to about an hour of laid back dancing to upbeat tunes, before settling down to a soft serenade of Craig and Gina's sit-down meal, candlelight giving a deeper richness to the velvet sheen of crimson roses, and the last of the afternoon light softening the expanse of the paddocks, stretching out just below the terrace. After dinner, everything was brought together with another hour of dancing, this time the kind of slow, smooth tunes that are perfect for romantic dreams.

Gina: "We both knew we wanted to get married at Tattersalls, and we knew we didn't want some crass, outlandish extravaganza that didn't reflect who we were at all. We're a little bit older than your typical newlyweds, but we like to think there's still plenty of life in us yet, and Adam Chandler's Modern Swing Band seemed the perfect match for who we are, and what we wanted from our wedding day."

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Tattersalls Newmarket, Suffolk

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