Suffolk Wedding in Ipswich February 3rd 2017

Wedding Band Ipswich Suffolk

We Light It Up put the light of love into a wedding reception to remember at The Venue at Kersey Mill.

For Ade and Kerry, their wedding day really was the high point of love's young dream. Having been a couple since high school, Ade had proposed on Kerry's 18th birthday, and, a year later, they were excitedly tying the knot, and celebrating old school style, with a disco for all their friends and family.

Both bride and groom had been keen to have music that their friends would get up and dance to, but that wouldn't seem out of place to their parents and grandparents. We're proud to say that We Light It Up more than delivered, starting and finishing with slow dances and subtle, soft spotlights, with a rabble-rousing middle section of tunes through all the ages of disco, and the full light show, including the unique style of our LED drum kit.

We'd anticipated that the older guests might well appreciate the chance to rest their feet, enjoy a drink, and grab some sneaky shots of bright young things lost in the trance of the dance – but we were surprised and delighted when almost everyone stayed on the floor throughout our medley of pop disco hits, with Ade's grandmother giving the electric wheelchair she'd recently purchased a very thorough work out, and Kerry's grandad reliving what was clearly a misspent youth!

This was a beautiful celebration of a couple whose families will ensure they enjoy a long and happy life together, and We Light It Up are pleased that we were chosen to do the honours of sending them off in style.

Ade: "Kerry and I are both really close with all our respective families, and our parents, especially, have been really supportive of us as a couple, so we knew we wanted everyone involved, even though we didn't want to compromise on the wedding being primarily about us, and how we wanted to celebrate.

As it turned out, the disco was a great idea – my nan confessed to me afterwards that she'd set her heart on “dancing my chair to death, just for the sheer silliness of it” - the wheelchair, and nan, survived, though; I think she's actually a little disappointed about that!"

Kerry: "I'd definitely recommend We Light It Up – they did a brilliant job of ensuring everyone was included. Ade's nan was hilarious – I can definitely see where he gets his slightly loopy streak from!"

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The Venue at Kersey Mill Suffolk

Wedding Band Suffolk

The Venue at Kersey Mill

Stone Street, Kersey, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP7 6DP