Newland Hall, Chelmsford, Essex

Wedding Band Chelmsford

February 18th 2017

Newland Halll is a deceptively inconspicuous wedding venue that, at first glance, could be any one of several quaint, quiet country pubs in and around Chelmsford of Essex. Stepping into the main hall on this cool and cloudy late Winter evening, however, we found ourselves being told a different story. Adam Chandler's professional wedding band and lively light show, We Light It Up, had arrived well in advance, and were fully set up, ready for the wedding celebrations to commence.

Lit Up Like Royalty
Morgana and Rohan had gone for a purple and silver colour scheme, and We Light It Up had stepped up to match that, delicately lighting their centre-stage drum kit in purple LED lights, which twinkled in eager anticipation, creating a gentle, elegant, almost other-worldly ambience in the rustic-style hall. The nine-piece band had been joined, at the couple's request, by additional brass musicians, as soul and funk tracks were to play a large part in the evening celebrations, along with other musical styles and genres, all of which related to Rohan and Morgana as individuals, and to their life together as a couple.

Play That Funky Music The celebrations went off in truly spectacular style, and it is impossible to overstate the difference that the brass section added to the funk and soul sections of the playlist – We Light It Up played brilliantly, but the brass lifted their performance from brilliant to outstanding. We Light It Up wove a broad spectrum of musical styles into a seamless tapestry of sound, and brought the whole room into their world of musical medley. Everyone was dancing, everyone was smiling, and it's safe to say that a good time was most definitely had by all.

In Their Own Words:
Rohan: We're a lively, fun-loving couple, with a rather raucous group of friends, who like to party, and we wanted our wedding to be fun, but also unique to us. We Light It Up seemed like the ideal band for the fun, lively, party vibe we wanted, and, when we mentioned that we'd like to incorporate some soul and funk into the mix, as that's a big part of our shared music collection, it wasn't a problem at all. I really liked the way the brass players sounded with the rest of the band, and it totally worked.

Morgana: It's safe to say we were never going to have your ordinary, traditional wedding! At first, I'd resisted the idea of a wedding band, as I just couldn't imagine one band being able to carry off everything we wanted, in a way that worked. But I'm delighted to say, thanks to We Light It Up, that I was wrong! The minute I stepped into the main hall, and saw the drum kit, I wanted to cry all over again – the same kind of happy tears that had been a big part of the actual wedding ceremony – because it just looked so right. Thank you, We Light It Up, for a truly amazing evening.
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