Surrey Kosher Jewish Wedding 15th February 2018

Kosher Wedding Band Chertsey Surrey

Animation bring a modern touch to a traditional Jewish wedding at Botleys.

Ruth and Aaron are a traditional Jewish couple, yet also a modern British couple. For both of them, and their respective families, finding wedding entertainment that could incorporate two very distinct elements of their lives and identities into a seamless whole, as a natural part of their very traditional wedding ceremony, was something they had anticipated being quite challenging.

Fortunately, in 2017, Adam Chandler added Animation to his selection of quality events and wedding entertainment, with a beautifully hand-crafted grand piano that was lovingly built to allow for the display of custom screens. Animation seemed the perfect fit for Aaron and Ruth's special day.

When Animation took to the stage at Botleys Mansion, it was with a screen designed by an artist friend of Ruth's mounted inside the grand piano, and scores for traditional Jewish songs added to our eclectic and thoughtful contemporary mix.

As the ceremony was all about the words the couple would exchange, and the well-wishes and blessings of their families, we kept the music soft and subdued through this part, playing the Jewish songs Aaron's grandmother had provided us with the music for, with the gentle tones of the piano creating a soft, subtle undercurrent to the words of dedication.

The evening celebration was a medley of lively yet thoughtful tunes, played on piano and saxophone, with a modern touch provided by the illuminated drum kit.

A piano solo, again playing traditional Jewish music, ended the evening, and an animated bride and groom took their leave with smiles.

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Botleys Mansion, Surrey

Kosher Wedding

Botleys Mansion

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