Hertfordshire Christmas Party, Hunton Park December 21st 2017

Christmas Party Band Watford Hertfordshire

Adam Chandler's newest musical experience launched in spectacular style with this Hertfordshire Christmas party.

Described as “a backdrop straight off a movie set”, Hunton Park was the obvious choice for a Dashiel's, a production company that brings together writers, actors, directors, and anyone else you might need to get your film idea into production.

The team behind Dashiel's were very clear on what they wanted, but were having trouble finding entertainment companies who could make it a reality suited to a full size venue. It was looking, as founder Katie Jones explained when she first got in touch, as though the team would have to forgo a relaxing winde-down, and set up the entertainment themselves.

As Adam listened to Katie's thoughts – songs from movies through the ages, from the first cinema silent films, right through to the big-budget bombasts such as Skyfall, with a backdrop of clips from movies that had been made through connections brought together by Dashiel's, it became clear that this was the perfect way to launch Animation, a bold, bright band with an LED grand piano, which could be set with any screen a client might imagine.

On the evening of the 21st of December, that grand piano took centre stage, proudly displaying the Dashiel's logo, splashed in a watercolour wash over a still clip from a movie made by Dashiel's clients, that was proving to be a real hit on YouTube. A hidden projector played movie clips across three walls of the venue, with the back wall reserved for the Dashiel's banner. As the doors opened, Animation stuck up the soundtrack that would lead guests in – the instantly recognisable Pink Panther theme tune!

It was the best start, both to the Dashiel's Christmas party, and to Animation's presence in the entertainments scene, and the evening was a resounding success for both parties.

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Hunton Park, Hertfordshire

WChristmas Party Band

Hunton Park, Hertfordshire

Essex Lane, Hunton Bridge, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD4 8PN